Sustainable Waiting 2012


These works refer to the ‘ghost towns’ that the Palestinians lives in, particularly located on the Gaza Strip. Towns surrounded by soldiers’ barracks, and small plots of land transformed into training grounds, labeling the area a battleground. Israel’s safety is always secured at the expense of a Palestinian life. That life is transformed into cubic blocks, similar to those of Bauhaus architecture, their sharpness and clean lines a metaphor for the harshness of separation and isolation. The ‘Isolation’ series is born of the imagination, and speaks of the racist wall of separation on Palestinian land. Similarly, the work ‘The Other Half’; a chair, split in two, with a light concrete base, topped with barbed wire, articulates the state of the separation wall. Also, the work ‘Sustainable Waiting’ refers the topic of exile that Palestinians have been undergoing since 1948 until the present day. It is constructed out of a transparent box, holding the passport of a Palestinian exiled to Gaza, a suitcase belonging to someone in the Gaza Strip. It also includes two collage works that tie the past to the present through the use of an image of the deserted Gaza International Airport, which was bombed several times by Israeli Occupation Forces, as well as an image of the suitcase itself, digitally manipulated to appear 3D, so that in an attempt to make it look more real, it actually appears more unrecognizable. This work comments on the life of the exiled Palestinian, his relationship to the deserted airport and the perpetual waiting for the freedom of flying. As for the video work ‘Build, Re-Build’, it is based on the legend of the Phoenix that is re-born out of the ashes, a symbol for the city of Gaza. After the last incursion on Gaza, the battle of ‘Torrential Bullets’, its inhabitants rebuilt their homes by re- using the very bricks and stones that were flattened to rubble.