Beyond Memory Series 2012

This series encompasses the geographical, social and familial history of Palestinians, both before and after 1948. The original image takes us back in time and memory. But I have digitally transformed the image so that it is different than the original, and does not reflect the original time, for the political and social changes to the lives of Palestinians that occurred during the 40’s have completely changed the impressions of the image’s subject. The memory of the place no longer has any strength of narrative, for the place is no longer as it was. Its features have morphed as a result of geographic division and the demolition of a civilization that spanned thousands of years. All I try to do with work #6 is to insert digital interventions in the original image, using the symbol of the wall, and the notions of partition and suffocation. Furthermore, my work is not only a protest against the trespass on human life, but also against the trespass on the geographical nature of Palestinian lands, and arbitrarily dividing them at the expense of the Palestinian way of life.

Beyond Memory Series. 2012Beyond Memory Series. 2012Beyond Memory Series. 2012